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Welcome to Tinkerbell’s Loch Ness galleries

Here is a small selection of my personal collection of photographs. All were taken for my own pleasure and resulted in many hours of contented concentration on the subject under my lens.

I do not have a particular subject of interest, but do tend to focus on the natural, be it landscapes or natural history.   The great majority have been taken during the 16 or so years I have lived by the shores of Loch Ness. Consequently, Loch Ness tends to be given more than its fair share of attention, but that matters not. It is such an evocative subject – I don’t believe I will ever tire of its ever changing moods.

My wildlife studies are of those plants and creatures that I have inadvertently come across on my walks and hikes in this beautiful area.  I never set out to find a particular species – it is pure happenstance. 

It will please me if you gain pleasure from looking at some of those things which I have seen, from the grand to the tiny.

Although they are not intended for sale, you may contact me, if you wish, by using the contact form. 

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